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About EuroGIX

EuroGIX: Strasbourg IXP NAP

EuroGIX is the first cross-border exchange point between Internet key players so that they can exchange Internet flows. It is composed of physical points of presence (called EuroPOP), located in Strasbourg and soon in Kehl.

Strasbourg IXP users can improve the quality of their Internet throughput and lower Internet bandwidth costs. EuroGIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point) meaning a marketplace to sell and buy Internet transit and any type of IP service in layer 2. Strasbourg IXP NAP is open to all users who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

EuroGIX stakes

  • Create the first cross-border Internet exchange point
  • Develop an homogeneous Internet plate on Eurodistrict (Strasbourg, Kehl, Offenbourg) and more widely in the Upper Rhin basin
  • A real asset of territory planning with the emergence of very high speed Internet

Significant contribution

For residential users, in the framework of a cross-border life basin

For professionals, in the framework of an economical basin enhancing a cross-border digital market.

EuroGIX is managed by ARIA association which has been created to reinforce cross-border Internet service quality in the Upper Rhin basin. With EuroGIX, the first cross-border Internet exchange point, ARIA wants to offer a local exchange point to ISPs, so that they can exchange informations.

ARIA has adopted an effectice policy to support and particiate in all initiatives towards free IP trafic exchange. 

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