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Welcome to the EuroGIX IXP

EuroGIX is the first cross-border exchange point between Internet key players so that they can exchange Internet flows. It is composed of physical points of presence (called EuroPOP), located in Strasbourg and soon in Kehl.

Strasbourg IXP users can improve the quality of their Internet throughput and lower Internet bandwidth costs. EuroGIX is also a NAP (Network Access Point) meaning a marketplace to sell and buy Internet transit and any type of IP service in layer 2. Strasbourg IXP is open to all users who want to connect – operators, ISPs, carriers, large companies and municipalities.

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EuroGIX key figures

9 membres

590 ASN

2 sessions BGP sessions

2 racks

1 POPs

7 hosted equipments


EuroGIX news

  • Winter 2017: what is new?

    Winter 2017: what is new?

    Find the main news of the 2017 4th quarter as well as the technical novelties! To consult the newsletter click here...

  • New service: Mapping IP towards AS

    New service: Mapping IP towards AS

    Rezopole sets up a publication service of correspondence between IP and AS. A simple request DNS allows to find AS and the subnet of publication of an IP!

  • What is an IXP?

    What is an IXP?

    Do you want to know what it is an IXP (Internet eXchange Point)?

    Discover here the video in French, which explains how the IXP works, taken from the Euro-IX Website...

  • New EuroGIX member: Kbleu!

    New EuroGIX member: Kbleu!

    In 1990, no way to correctly receive television at Ferrette: the hertzian waves don't pass, they bounce. Three friends fond of technics set-up their cables: it was the birth of the local network, named Kbleu... and television reached Ferette! 

    Kbleu is present at EuroGIX, rack 1B02

  • AS-PC: new member on EuroGIX!

    AS-PC: new member on EuroGIX!

    Established in 1996, AS-PC is specialized in infrastructure, services, hosting of software and telecommunications solutions. AS-PC is present at the 1B02 EuroGIX rack. ASN : 47216

  • Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

    Rezopole is a member of CRiP!

    May 2017: Rezopole joins the CRiP, Club of Infrastructure, Technologies and Production Excecutives. This NPO established in 2007 under the law of 1901 is presided by Mr. Philippe Sersot, Crédit Agricole Silca Deputy General Manager.

EuroGIX members

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